To My Dreams

Every night I go to bed, my mind full with wishes, dreams and my loved ones.
Every morning after I wake up, being a bit older, beeing a bit easier because some wishes didn’t made it, some dreams didn’t survive one more night, some thoughts didn’t see the next day – and sometimes also a loved one becomes someone – or even no one.
Now, after I woke up often enough, I recognized that I grow up, that I forgot my dreams – and forgot to dream.
Growed up thinking that sorrows are more important than dreaming.
Started to dream about no sorrows instead of rainbows.

And there are those dreams I want to forget – but I can’t; no matter what I try.

Every yesterday is carrying one forgotten dream, one lost wish.

I’m getting tired now. Good night my dreams, think of you tomorrow again – those who will stay.

In memory to my childhood where dreaming was easy – and to all my dreams I’ve forgotten or must have forgotten.



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