To My Dreams

Every night I go to bed, my mind full with wishes, dreams and my loved ones.
Every morning after I wake up, being a bit older, beeing a bit easier because some wishes didn’t made it, some dreams didn’t survive one more night, some thoughts didn’t see the next day – and sometimes also a loved one becomes someone – or even no one.
Now, after I woke up often enough, I recognized that I grow up, that I forgot my dreams – and forgot to dream.
Growed up thinking that sorrows are more important than dreaming.
Started to dream about no sorrows instead of rainbows.

And there are those dreams I want to forget – but I can’t; no matter what I try.

Every yesterday is carrying one forgotten dream, one lost wish.

I’m getting tired now. Good night my dreams, think of you tomorrow again – those who will stay.

In memory to my childhood where dreaming was easy – and to all my dreams I’ve forgotten or must have forgotten.



Change Your Story

Ändere deine Geschichte solange du noch den Stift in der Hand hältst.
Jede Story hat ein Ende, jedes Buch eine letzte Seite – auch deine Story, auch dein Buch.